Lime Crime Releases Scandal, Purple Velvetine Lipstick


Lime Crime, the L.A. based makeup company with over 2.6 million social media followers on their Instagram, recently debuted Scandal, their newest addition to the line of Velvetines lipsticks. The lipstick was developed and conceptualized by CEO Doe Deere.


Scandal has the same formula that we have come to expect from Lime Crime’s renowned lipstick line, with the liquid-to-matte format and staying 100% vegan with a Leaping Bunny certification for being cruelty-free. Scandal is a luxurious, rich, violet/purple hue that is extremely unique. It’s full of depth and adds a tasteful dramatic color to your lips, as well as being perfectly on-trend for the season. Purple lipstick has amazing sex appeal and can increase confidence.   Fans will be happy that they will stick to their Velvetines the original liquid to matte lipstick roots, while still continuing to branch out into new stylistic territory.


Doe Deere, Lime Crime CEO has said on that “Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge and have that don’t-care attitude.”


To achieve the perfect lip color, users are advised to apply lip balm 15 minutes before lipstick application, and then to pat off the excess oils. Apply Scandal directly to the lips while using a lip brush to get perfect edges. Scandal, as well as the entire Velventine line, dries to a velvety finish that stays on all day but can easily be removed with oil or waterproof makeup remover.


Scandal comes from the amazing company Lime Crime, who believes that makeup isn’t just to cover up zits – it’s a form of freedom and most importantly a way to express yourself. All Lime Crime products are high quality as well as certified vegan and cruelty-free.  Shop more Lime Crime on Doll’s Kill, as well as Love Makeup in the UK.


Worst Tattoo Trends Ever



Tattoo trends come and go, but these worst tattoos ever, and they last a lifetime — well, usually.


-Barbed Wire or Tribal Armbands

These were everywhere for a good while. Men loved using these to show off their arms, but as the trend grew, it became more cliche and less endearing.


-Chinese Symbols

Did anyone hire a translator? The actual meanings for these things turned out to be all over the place. These littered the skin of mainly people without any Asian heritage, connection, and most importantly, clear understanding of the word(s) being used.


-Belly Button Tattoos

Remember the suns? The big, thick, black suns that ruined a perfectly good stomach in the mid 90s? Luckily laser surgery removes black ink most easily. Best wishes to anyone with this gem for a quick removal recovery.  There are always cover up tattoos, but the best move is to just not get an awful one in the first place.