Roberto Santiago Offers Something Malls Rarely Offer

When people think about malls, among the things they think about is shopping, clothes, and maybe even food. However, Roberto Santiago has decided that he wants to take the mall and turn it into something way beyond what a mall is. Therefore, people have found a lot of new types of stores in the Manaira Mall. In this case, more people have a reason to go to the mall because of the different types of facilities that the mall has to offer. Therefore, people will have an easy time finding many different activities to keep themselves occupied. They will even discover new activities.

Among the activities that are rarely found in a mall is a gym. Fortunately, Manaira Shopping offers plenty of gyms. Therefore, people will have a lot of fun getting into shape. This is in fact one of the best aspects of Manaira Shopping. People get to actually visit a facility to get themselves in shape in many different ways. While other malls do have people walking around participating in fitness activities, Manaira Shopping has a gym that allows people to take advantage of all of the different equipment that allows them to get in the type of shape they want. People could either lose weight or sculpt their body in order to increase their health. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

Another thing that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping offers that other malls don’t offer is a lounge with a bowling alley. People who visit the mall can do any combination of shopping and bowling. Manaira encourages people to use their imagination to build their own custom experience. Manaira is proving itself to be the future of malls. It is also going to inspire the creators of other malls to come up with ideas that could take their malls to the next level of success.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping offers so much more than clothes for people that are interested in a great shopping experience that is going to offer them plenty of different opportunities. People can go there for any reasons that they can think about which includes experiencing a greater sense of health and fitness.

Ricardo Tosto Is A Proficient Business Litigator

If you are searching for a powerful business or corporate litigator in Brazil, you need to contact Ricardo Tosto for a consultation. Ricardo Tosto is a reputable litigation attorney in Brazil. He is highly regarded in the legal community and has many years of experience representing and guiding enterprises of all sizes and sectors.

Business law covers an immense range of business and commercial topics and your lawyer needs to be able to tackle a variety of legal issues and provide a large range of legal services.

When you choose Ricardo Tosto, you can rest assured your business attorney will be able to take care of a wide variety of issues, including: Drawing up business agreements, business and corporate litigation, formulation of contracts, intellectual property issues, interpretation of business enterprise laws and Keeping the company compliant with government regulations.

Business and corporate lawyers also handle matters pertaining to expansions, Mergers and Acquisitions, creating official company statements, property tax appeals and negotiating with workers’ unions and also acting as in-house counsel.

As an experienced business lawyer, Mr Ricardo Tosto is well prepared to tackle both simple legal cases like drawing up contracts and complex negotiations like dealing with unions. Ricardo Tosto has excellent transaction and researching skills. He constantly tries hard to update his skills and has the expertise to manage any issues that affect legal aspects of a business enterprise.

Obviously, Ricardo Tosto is a competent lawyer and has an established history of rendering top quality legal solutions to clients. He has has strong knowledge of relevant rules and regulations and can steer you and your organization in the right direction. When you deal with Mr Ricardo Tosto, you can feel confident that your business legal case is in trusted hands.

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Fabletics Success Attributed To Its Leaders



Starting a company is challenging, but, when you are following your passions it gets easier with time. Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics is the perfect example of entrepreneurs who earn a living selling values and what they are passionate about. In an article with the Entrepreneur, Kate admits her love for being up and about. She used her need to come up with a multi-million dollar company, and with the help of cofounder Adam Goldenberg, the company’s sales and profitability have skyrocketed in a span of three years. The company has expanded its operations in several parts of the continent including UK Canada, Australia and others.



Fabletics, as Kate likes emphasizing is a community. The millions of VIP and the clients make up the community. In this community direct communication is emphasized. Before a customer is signed up to become a member, they are requested to answer certain questions that enable the company get to know the individual better. Also, through the interaction, they are able to custom make clothing that is suitable for them and what they like.



Kate adds that the reason behind the success of Fabletics is the environment that the company has created. The company encourages customer relations with the company. Trust and loyalty are some of the important values emphasized at Fabletics. When clients have any questions and suggestions, they are advised to speak up so that they can give the company a chance to provide that which they want. It is their desire and aim to continue growing and developing despite the many challenges that the company may face as they operate.



Fabletics was found to satisfy the need for women and men who needed a sporty attire for work out. Kate Hudson together with Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg decided to begin the fast growing Fabletics, and act as the co-chief executive officers for the company. From a tender age, Adam knew he wanted to start his own company and at fifteen he started Gamers Alliance, a company he sold to MySpace.



He worked at Intermix as its vice president where he was responsible for the company’s strategic planning and operations. At 20, he was the acting chief operating officer of the publicly traded company. His knack for starting successful business did not end there. He met Don his co-partner and friend and started the Intelligent Beauty an ecommerce firm. Adam uses his experience and skills to conceptualize ideas into projects that have made millions.  For TechStyle news, find out current updates from Adam Goldenberg’s twitter here:

Lime Crime Releases Scandal, Purple Velvetine Lipstick


Lime Crime, the L.A. based makeup company with over 2.6 million social media followers on their Instagram, recently debuted Scandal, their newest addition to the line of Velvetines lipsticks. The lipstick was developed and conceptualized by CEO Doe Deere.


Scandal has the same formula that we have come to expect from Lime Crime’s renowned lipstick line, with the liquid-to-matte format and staying 100% vegan with a Leaping Bunny certification for being cruelty-free. Scandal is a luxurious, rich, violet/purple hue that is extremely unique. It’s full of depth and adds a tasteful dramatic color to your lips, as well as being perfectly on-trend for the season. Purple lipstick has amazing sex appeal and can increase confidence.   Fans will be happy that they will stick to their Velvetines the original liquid to matte lipstick roots, while still continuing to branch out into new stylistic territory.


Doe Deere, Lime Crime CEO has said on that “Scandal is for girls who like a touch of punk-rock edge and have that don’t-care attitude.”


To achieve the perfect lip color, users are advised to apply lip balm 15 minutes before lipstick application, and then to pat off the excess oils. Apply Scandal directly to the lips while using a lip brush to get perfect edges. Scandal, as well as the entire Velventine line, dries to a velvety finish that stays on all day but can easily be removed with oil or waterproof makeup remover.


Scandal comes from the amazing company Lime Crime, who believes that makeup isn’t just to cover up zits – it’s a form of freedom and most importantly a way to express yourself. All Lime Crime products are high quality as well as certified vegan and cruelty-free.  Shop more Lime Crime on Doll’s Kill, as well as Love Makeup in the UK.


Worst Tattoo Trends Ever



Tattoo trends come and go, but these worst tattoos ever, and they last a lifetime — well, usually.


-Barbed Wire or Tribal Armbands

These were everywhere for a good while. Men loved using these to show off their arms, but as the trend grew, it became more cliche and less endearing.


-Chinese Symbols

Did anyone hire a translator? The actual meanings for these things turned out to be all over the place. These littered the skin of mainly people without any Asian heritage, connection, and most importantly, clear understanding of the word(s) being used.


-Belly Button Tattoos

Remember the suns? The big, thick, black suns that ruined a perfectly good stomach in the mid 90s? Luckily laser surgery removes black ink most easily. Best wishes to anyone with this gem for a quick removal recovery.  There are always cover up tattoos, but the best move is to just not get an awful one in the first place.