Worst Tattoo Trends Ever



Tattoo trends come and go, but these worst tattoos ever, and they last a lifetime — well, usually.


-Barbed Wire or Tribal Armbands

These were everywhere for a good while. Men loved using these to show off their arms, but as the trend grew, it became more cliche and less endearing.


-Chinese Symbols

Did anyone hire a translator? The actual meanings for these things turned out to be all over the place. These littered the skin of mainly people without any Asian heritage, connection, and most importantly, clear understanding of the word(s) being used.


-Belly Button Tattoos

Remember the suns? The big, thick, black suns that ruined a perfectly good stomach in the mid 90s? Luckily laser surgery removes black ink most easily. Best wishes to anyone with this gem for a quick removal recovery.  There are always cover up tattoos, but the best move is to just not get an awful one in the first place.