The Success of Sheldon Lavin in OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chairperson of OSI group. He also works for Rush University Medical Center as a general trustee. Sheldon has previously worked as a director of National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Sheldon Lavin has an academic background in accounting and finance.

The India Vision World Academy recently recognized the efforts of Sheldon Lavin by awarding him the Global Visionary Award. Sheldon received the award on February 20, 2016. The award recognizes the efforts of visionaries in various sectors who have turned their dreams into reality through demonstration of persistence and perseverance to achieve their goals. Sheldon noted that he was humbled to receive the prestigious award adding that he was proud of his life’s efforts to transform OSI Group. Lavin has dedicated his life to the overall welfare of the group and its employees. That was the fifth year the Academy has recognized achievers with that award to inspire future generations to walk in their footsteps. Sheldon had a vision for OSI Group from the first day he started working at the food company.

Sheldon noted that his vision for OSI Group is to continue making it profitable and serving the world. Lavin further explains that he wants to make OSI Group a global leader in the food industry. Sheldon has used his knowledge in finance to guide the OSI Group from a small local food company to the global multibillion-dollar food processing company it has become. Currently, OSI Group operates in 16 countries with over 60 locations. Lavon is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd., which means he has a high profile in the food and meat processing sector.

Under Sheldon’s leadership, the OSI Group has not only expanded but also received various sustainability and environmental awards. Lavin hopes that the next generation of corporate leaders will continue to prioritize success and growth not only in OSI Group but also in the food processing industry can prioritize. Sheldon says that he wants to inspire the next generation of leaders to dedicate their lives to ensuring the growth of companies in a responsible manner that contribute to the overall growth of global commerce and chances for their staff members.

Sheldon Lavin is not only active in the corporate world but also in charities. Sheldon is busy in charity causes such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Sheldon is also proud that he has managed to maintain his family life successful while still being active as the president and chairman of OSI Group. Sheldon is married with three children.