Jeremy Goldstein And His Involvement In Legal Action

It has become easy to find a lawyer who can handle legal issues due to the launching of twenty-four hours a day online portal by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service(LRIS). It is available for the people living in New York. According to Claire P. Gutekunst who is the President of the State Bar Association, the online service requires limited pressure from the people seeking legal help and its attorneys have the best quality credentials that meet their needs. The New York State Bar has partnered with the best and largest associations of lawyers worldwide, to deliver the most affordable and quality legal services.


Any person seeking the online help of the New York Law should visit its website and answer questions on the particular legal issue, which will be reviewed by the State Bar to march with the relevant attorney. The requests are then forwarded to the appropriate county bar association for free. However, a fee of $35 is charged for consultation if an individual continues to talk to the referred attorney. At this point, the person can either retain the assigned lawyer or not. If he or she decides to stick around, attorney fee applies, which is determined by both parties.


Jeremy Goldstein is a New York based lawyer and one of the partners of Jeremy. Goldstein and Associates. The organization is a law firm that specializes in the matters of executive compensation and corporate governance. The company advises groups such as management teams, CEOs, corporations, and compensation committees. Jeremy also helps people that are struggling with mental illness by being involved in a charity organization known as Fountain House where he is one of the Board of Directors. He has had an interest in education having acquired a Doctorate from New York University Law School, a Master’s degree in Arts from Chicago University, and also Bachelors in Arts from Cornell University.


Apart from partnering with institutions such as Watchtell law firm and Lipton, Jeremy Goldstein is part of the Professional Advisory Board members of the NYU Journal of Law and Business and also the New Leadership Council of Make-A-Wish Foundation. Jeremy Goldstein has participated in the running and success of many corporations such as the NYSE Group Inc., Duke Energy, and Bank of America Corporation. He is also involved in the Committee of the American Bar Association Business as the in-charge of Mergers and Acquisition. This is due to his expertise in executive compensation law.


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Ricardo Tosto Is A Proficient Business Litigator

If you are searching for a powerful business or corporate litigator in Brazil, you need to contact Ricardo Tosto for a consultation. Ricardo Tosto is a reputable litigation attorney in Brazil. He is highly regarded in the legal community and has many years of experience representing and guiding enterprises of all sizes and sectors.

Business law covers an immense range of business and commercial topics and your lawyer needs to be able to tackle a variety of legal issues and provide a large range of legal services.

When you choose Ricardo Tosto, you can rest assured your business attorney will be able to take care of a wide variety of issues, including: Drawing up business agreements, business and corporate litigation, formulation of contracts, intellectual property issues, interpretation of business enterprise laws and Keeping the company compliant with government regulations.

Business and corporate lawyers also handle matters pertaining to expansions, Mergers and Acquisitions, creating official company statements, property tax appeals and negotiating with workers’ unions and also acting as in-house counsel.

As an experienced business lawyer, Mr Ricardo Tosto is well prepared to tackle both simple legal cases like drawing up contracts and complex negotiations like dealing with unions. Ricardo Tosto has excellent transaction and researching skills. He constantly tries hard to update his skills and has the expertise to manage any issues that affect legal aspects of a business enterprise.

Obviously, Ricardo Tosto is a competent lawyer and has an established history of rendering top quality legal solutions to clients. He has has strong knowledge of relevant rules and regulations and can steer you and your organization in the right direction. When you deal with Mr Ricardo Tosto, you can feel confident that your business legal case is in trusted hands.

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