Great News from Elysium Health for Those with Lower NAD+ Levels

NAD+ plays a key role cellular health, and our levels of the coenzyme can affect how effectively our cells carry out certain processes. Yet, many people have never heard of it. What is NAD+, you may be asking yourself, and should I be concerned?

NAD+ and You

While you should have no immediate concern if this is the first you’re hearing of NAD+, you shouldn’t discount its importance. NAD+ is a naturally-occurring compound that affects certain cellular processes, such as circadian rhythm regulation and energy production. NAD+ levels tend to diminish as we age. Although it can be difficult to understand how the goings-on of your cells can affect your overall health, the benefits of understanding may just be worth it.

Elysium Health, a startup founded in 2014, has put out a daily dietary supplement called Basis, which helps to get those NAD+ levels back to where you want them. Basis uses two compounds—nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene—to replenish NAD+ levels and positively impact cellular health.

Scientists Back This Product

Unverified claims are a big problem in the supplement industry. It can be difficult to know when to trust a supplement company. However, that is not how Elysium Health does business. The company prioritizes the truth when it comes to informing their customers.

For example, they put their premier product, Basis, through rigorous clinical testing to make sure that the supplement did in fact raise NAD+ levels. The clinical tests for Basis have proven very successful. The daily supplement has boost levels of NAD+ in clinical testing participants by forty percent in just one month. Those levels remained at these increased levels for the entire testing period.

The positive results from the clinical trial is just one reason why the company has so much confidence in their claims about Basis, and it is why you can trust it too.

Buy Some for Yourself Today

It is not hard to purchase Basis for yourself. In fact, there are a number of different payment options available to those who want to get their supply of Basis. They can choose to buy just a single bottle today for $60, or they might go for the popular six month plan for $270. Those who really want to commit can sign up for a whole year and pay just $480.

All of these options are available through the Elysium Health website. There you will also find plenty of information about how the product has been tested, who the partners on those tests were, and so much more that you need to know. Check it out for yourself today and get the answers you need about Basis and how it can help you.