Who is Joel Friant?

Joel Friant. A successful entrepreneur, small business owner, and free market enthusiast. Starting in real estate sales and home remodeling, Joe quickly learned that he wanted to go a different route.

In 1995 Joel entered the restaurant business creating a new and innovative “Fast Food Thai Concept”. This led him to be referred to as “The Thai Guy”, and allowed him to experiment with the Habanero Chili Pepper. This would then propel his flagship product, The Habanero Shaker.

The Habanero Shaker was originally introduced in 1995. Despite being taken off the market for a number of years, it is back and better than ever. Including 100% habanero flakes, the shaker offers the perfect mix of flavor and heat.

Joels product, The Habanero Shaker, had sales in major grocery chains in Washington State. This led him wanting to find a new endeavor to conquer, so he turned back to real estate. He started by flipping houses, then after successfully doing so he took his real estate knowledge in 2003 and began to use it to help his friends acquire homes. By quickly learning the real estate market he sprung to the top of his office in sales, which turned into him opening his own branch from a new company in mortgage lending.

Following the financial downfall in 2008, Joel studied success. Mainly, why some people get it and why some people don’t. He then came up with his own concepts on why and how some people obtained success, and why some others did not. He began teaching these concepts to people, and now his concepts have reached world wide audiences.

It was around 2012 that Joel gained interest in online sales. He took a course on selling in some of the top online retailers before selling his Habanero Shaker online. Having successfully overtook the restaurant business, the real estate market, and the online marketplace, Joel has turned his attention to cryptocurrencies. Nowadays Joel teaches others about cryptocurrencies, continues to love his personal passion in the Habanero Shaker, and is committed to full time success training whilst utilizing his concepts.

AvaTrade Review – How It Will Make Trading Easier and More Profitable

AvaTrade is a company that provides forex trading tools and services to traders all over the world. They have more than two hundred thousands customers in dozens of countries. They handle over sixty billion dollars in trading every month and more than two million transactions every month. Are they worth it? Is it a good idea to use AvaTrade for your forex trading needs?

The truth is that AvaTrade has offices all over the world. They are a global company. They offer everything a trader would need. There are literally hundreds of tools for traders. They even support Bitcoin trading and trading for other cryptocurrencies. You really get everything you need right there, and you do not need to search anywhere else once you have AvaTrade. AvaTrade has an excellent customer support team, and they will help you with any problem that you may have. In addition, they offer various bonuses for when you trade and deposit money. In fact, their bonuses add up to fourteen thousand dollars in possible bonuses.

One of the good parts about AvaTrade is that it is regulated by many regulators and is licensed to operate in most countries. They are licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland and others. When choosing a broker, you need to choose one that is regulated and licensed, and AvaTrade is.

AvaTrade was founded in 2006. Their main mission is to help out their customers. They focus on providing them with the best tools, services, resources, and training so that they can be successful.

There are many reasons why people choose AvaTrade over the other trading brokers. One reason is their hundreds of instruments that really make trading a lot easier and simpler. They also let traders trade on all kinds of devices, including laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. They offer various trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4. They also have many automated trading platforms. They are fully regulated and they hold their client funds in segregated accounts, which ensures maximum security for your money.

Borrowing Strategies From The Oxford Club

Is there a better feeling than borrowing an idea from another person and using it to maximum impact? Some might feel that this is like cheating, but the truth is, you are just using the materials available to you in order to make a big impact on your bottom line. This is particularly true when it comes to investing.

The group that all investors should borrow from as often as possible is a group of investors known as the Oxford Club. They are an exclusive club of investors from all around the globe who seek out investment opportunities to provide to the masses. They are people who are particularly trained in creating and implementing unique strategies in the market. Their latest idea might just have you opening up a brokerage account today.

Those who open a brokerage account should immediately apply for options trading privileges says the Oxford Club. Once granted that privilege, the investor wants to get themselves approved for Level 5 trading. This is the level at which the broker will allow a trader to trade options on margin. In other words, the investor can borrow money from the broker to make their options trades.

This particular strategy calls for a person to sell put options on blue-chip stocks. Those are the stocks of companies you have heard of before. It means that even if things do not go your way, and the stock you sold the put against declines, then you can just purchase up shares of a blue-chip stock that has significantly declined in value. While you always hope that the put selling strategy will work in its own right, at least you have something to back yourself up with in the event that things go wrong. It is a strategy that worked well this year, but has the potential to work even better in the years to come.

What People Get with Siteline Cabinetry

Anyone who has their cabinets done by Siteline Cabinetry knows they are getting something that others will not be able to get when they are trying to renovate their kitchen. The company knows what they are doing and they aren’t afraid to give their customers the options they know will work best in their homes. For Siteline Cabinetry, this is an important part of how they can give back. It has allowed them to grow their business and has given them the chances they need to feel good about the things they are doing. For Siteline Cabinetry, this is something that has helped them make sure their customers are happy. Everyone who is in the business knows what they can do and how they can help other people with the issues they are facing and with the problems they have to offer different people.

For Siteline Cabinetry, this is an important part of what they can do and how they can make things work. The company knows there are new options coming out regularly with cabinetry and they stay on top of all of those things. They have always wanted to give their customers the best and most updated cabinets so they don’t have to worry about the way they can use them. They also want their kitchens to look great so they make sure they are offering different things for their customers to use as a result of the things they are doing.

As long as Siteline Cabinetry is doing their best to give the community what they are looking for, they are confident they can keep helping other people. The company knows what people can use and knows there are new ways for them to give others the best opportunities possible. Siteline Cabinetry is worth it for most people and they realize they are getting great cabinets. There is often no question about whether they made the right choice with the cabinets they chose from the company or the things they decided to use while they were working with the company to get what they needed from the industry.

NewsWatch TV Review: Creating the Right Message at the Right Time for Consumers

NewsWatch TV is an award-winning television show and trusted source for consumer, technology, travel, health, and entertainment news airing weekly in more than 200 markets in the U.S. on AMC and ION Network.

Since 1989, NewsWatch has been committed to delivering the latest news on innovative products and services from around the world. From Fortune 500 companies to independent app developers, non-profit organizations, and small businesses, we are dedicated to helping companies and organizations of all sizes promote their brand and build successful relationships with consumers. We have worked with numerous businesses to achieve their goals including Audi, Weather Underground, and Saygus.

Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, turned to NewsWatch TV to produce reviews to launch their new line of smartphones and promote their Indiegogo campaign during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

When vice president of Saygus, Tim Rush, was interviewed he praised NewsWatch for the quality of coverage and video emphasizing the importance of the consumer’s experience. “It’s really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium, and NewsWatch was able to do that excellently.”

Asked if he would recommend NewsWatch he responded saying, “I would highly recommend NewsWatch TV Reviews. It’s an extremely professional and competent organization that listens to our needs, listens to our audience and knows where those two connect—and the nexus between what we want to say, what our audience wants to hear, to drive sales.”

NewsWatch TV’s partnership with Saygus in creating a campaign of product reviews that aired in the U.S. and online resulted in Saygus exceeding their goal by over $300,000 and raising a total of $1.3 million during their Indiegogo campaign.

Robert Thikoll and the Cutting Edge Technology of Liquid Handling Automation

Genomic workflow can become challenging. In too many procedures, the manual side of data research creates a lack of workflow. Martin Abel-Kistrup, research scientist for Chr. Hansen in Hoersholm, Denmark, spoke on the many challenges faced when collecting data.

At Chr. Hansen, Abel-Kistrup is part of a group that makes starter cultures for the diary industry. He spoke about how part of this process is identifying the strain(s), while maintaining the strain and ensuring that it grows and “remains continuous”. This is done though genetic analysis, which is followed by sequencing; this is the where workflow problems begin.

To initiate sequencing, certain steps (mostly manual) must be in place; and the nuances of this manual process tend to create inconsistent data, which in turn create a lot of errors. Not to mention, the timing of this process takes 2 weeks “from when you got to the strain, til’ you get to the answer”, Abel-Kistrup stated.

But with Beckman Coulter’s automated liquid handling and automated sequencing, genomic workflow problems are a thing of the past. Now with the implementation of automated robots such as the Biomeck 4000, Abel-Kistrup is able to double his productivity and efficiency in lab preparations and results; features that the research scientist boast as “a really big advantage”.

Aside from the efficiency and productivity of the Biomeck 4000, its software is just as effective, yet easy operate and customize. Abel-Kistrup praised the software “as easy as working with Legos”.

And to make the transition of learning how to operate the Biomeck 4000 automation go smoothly, the application scientists and technical engineers from Beckman Coulter formed a close collaboration with Chr. Hansen to ensure that they were comfortable in operating the robots; something Abel-Kistrup feels “is part of their[Beckman Coulter] success”

Abel-Kistrup has been highly impressed with the Biomeck 4000, stating that “it had been exceeding my expectations”. Abel-Kistrup further states that the primary benefits of utilizing the Biomeck 4000 are the “consistent data, speed, and the walkaway”.

One of Beckman Coulter’s standout employees, Robert Thikoll, Vice President of Global Manufacturing Operations along with Senior Management, has been integral in ensuring that Beckman Coulter is the leading provider in the latest, cutting edge technology. Before working for Beckman Coulter, Thikoll worked at Thomson Industries, where they specialized in mechanical motion technology. Thikoll’s ability to recognize what it takes to satisfy the automated needs of its customers has proven a winning strategy and valuable asset to science equipment industry as a whole.

As new data becomes readily accessible and precautionary measures are taken as to how it will be processed, genomic workflow challenges will never cease to exist. Beckman Coulter seems to understand this better than anyone and uses its automation to create a workflow that’s as seamless as possible.

More of Robert Thikoll’s work here: https://www.behance.net/robertthikoll/resume

Review Of What AvaTrade Offer Traders

Forex trading has been made much easier for both beginners and seasoned traders, thanks to trading platforms such as AvaTrade. This is a great platform that helps traders make more informed trading decisions with the help of its amazing features. The platform helps traders do forex market analysis. It also has many resources that traders can use to gain information on the forex market and guide them on what to do in various situations.

You can learn all you need to know about the forex market on this platform, and this will help you to always be up to date on the market trends so that you can take appropriate action. AvaTrade will also help you know when to stay put and when to take action and what the appropriate course of action is. The company is staffed with professional brokers who understand the market inside out and are therefore offering guidance and advice based on experience and research. So traders can be sure to benefit greatly from their guidance. The platform is great because of its ease of use and it provides solutions that are tailored to traders’ unique needs.

About AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a CFD and forex broker that has been providing traders with excellent services since 2006 when it was founded. It has a number of mobile apps and trading platforms and provides trading in stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds and bitcoins among other markets. The headquarters of the company are in Dublin but it operates in several different regions.

AvaTrade is regulated in all the trading regions in which it operates, and is therefore in compliance with all the laws governing trading. The company has received a number of awards over the years for its great services. Some of these include the 2009 Daily Forex award for best customer service, the 2014 FX Empire award for best forex broker and the 2014 Daily Forex award for second best forex broker to mention but a few.


Final review of AvaTrade is that it is great for all types of traders regardless of their level of experience or what they are trading in. Many traders have benefited from the services provided by AvaTrade. The company offers a 14-day free trial period and traders can take advantage of this to see firsthand what the platform has to offer.

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Siteline Cabinetry and The Corsi Group Want to Satisfy its Customers

The Corsi Group introduced the brand called Siteline Cabinetry in 2015 and is known as one of the quality brands in the cabinet industry.

The Corsi Group started as a company in 1973. A person can find their headquarters in Indiana and the facilities where they built the cabinets are in Elkin, Virginia. Therre are branches that can be found across the United States.

This group believes that every cabinet should be built with best technical expertise of the day and with great attention to detail. They also make sure that their products follow industrial standards.

What the Corsi Group does today with its products is all based on its founding father named Par Corsi.

The new brand called Siteline Cabinetry was invented with a particular attitude and philosophy. The basic philosophy is that every cabinet made by this brand is not done without input from the customer. All styles, colors and finishes come from the Corsi Group as well the customer.

Each cabinet made by this brand go through certain steps and these steps are:

-assess the customer’s needs

-design the cabinet

-build the cabinet

-installing the cabinet

The Corsi Group does believe that the Siteline Cabinetry brand has certain advantages over other cabinet brands. One advantage is that this brand has a diverse range of materials, finishes and colors. All cabinets are built with the help of the customer so the customer can make sure that the cabinet stays within their budget. Each cabinet is unique as it is based on the taste and style of a particular client. The Corsi Group can make their cabinet faster then their competitors and make this particular brand available as soon as possible to the customer. The Coris Group can help with the logistical part of building a new cabinet. They can move and install the cabinet to the customer. you don’t need to hire other remodeling experts.

There are more unique things about Siteline Cabinetry.

One unique thing is that this brand does not have any warehouses. Each cabinet is manufactured separately and is stained separately after an order is accepted. They have an assortment of materials to choose from to make particularly cabinet.

When a customer wants to build a cabinet, they can choose from a diverse group of 289 finishes and materials. Siteline can give the customer many finishing options which includes a diverse choice of stains, paints, laminates, glazes and wraps.

The Corsi Group created Siteline Cabinetry to better meet the tastes of its unique customers.

Interested? Authorized Siteline Cabinetry dealer to get started today: https://www.kitchensofdenver.com/siteline-cabinets/

The Success of Sheldon Lavin in OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chairperson of OSI group. He also works for Rush University Medical Center as a general trustee. Sheldon has previously worked as a director of National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Sheldon Lavin has an academic background in accounting and finance.

The India Vision World Academy recently recognized the efforts of Sheldon Lavin by awarding him the Global Visionary Award. Sheldon received the award on February 20, 2016. The award recognizes the efforts of visionaries in various sectors who have turned their dreams into reality through demonstration of persistence and perseverance to achieve their goals. Sheldon noted that he was humbled to receive the prestigious award adding that he was proud of his life’s efforts to transform OSI Group. Lavin has dedicated his life to the overall welfare of the group and its employees. That was the fifth year the Academy has recognized achievers with that award to inspire future generations to walk in their footsteps. Sheldon had a vision for OSI Group from the first day he started working at the food company.

Sheldon noted that his vision for OSI Group is to continue making it profitable and serving the world. Lavin further explains that he wants to make OSI Group a global leader in the food industry. Sheldon has used his knowledge in finance to guide the OSI Group from a small local food company to the global multibillion-dollar food processing company it has become. Currently, OSI Group operates in 16 countries with over 60 locations. Lavon is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd., which means he has a high profile in the food and meat processing sector.

Under Sheldon’s leadership, the OSI Group has not only expanded but also received various sustainability and environmental awards. Lavin hopes that the next generation of corporate leaders will continue to prioritize success and growth not only in OSI Group but also in the food processing industry can prioritize. Sheldon says that he wants to inspire the next generation of leaders to dedicate their lives to ensuring the growth of companies in a responsible manner that contribute to the overall growth of global commerce and chances for their staff members.

Sheldon Lavin is not only active in the corporate world but also in charities. Sheldon is busy in charity causes such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Sheldon is also proud that he has managed to maintain his family life successful while still being active as the president and chairman of OSI Group. Sheldon is married with three children.