Borrowing Strategies From The Oxford Club

Is there a better feeling than borrowing an idea from another person and using it to maximum impact? Some might feel that this is like cheating, but the truth is, you are just using the materials available to you in order to make a big impact on your bottom line. This is particularly true when it comes to investing.

The group that all investors should borrow from as often as possible is a group of investors known as the Oxford Club. They are an exclusive club of investors from all around the globe who seek out investment opportunities to provide to the masses. They are people who are particularly trained in creating and implementing unique strategies in the market. Their latest idea might just have you opening up a brokerage account today.

Those who open a brokerage account should immediately apply for options trading privileges says the Oxford Club. Once granted that privilege, the investor wants to get themselves approved for Level 5 trading. This is the level at which the broker will allow a trader to trade options on margin. In other words, the investor can borrow money from the broker to make their options trades.

This particular strategy calls for a person to sell put options on blue-chip stocks. Those are the stocks of companies you have heard of before. It means that even if things do not go your way, and the stock you sold the put against declines, then you can just purchase up shares of a blue-chip stock that has significantly declined in value. While you always hope that the put selling strategy will work in its own right, at least you have something to back yourself up with in the event that things go wrong. It is a strategy that worked well this year, but has the potential to work even better in the years to come.

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