New Securus Acquisition is a Positive for Rick Smith

When Securus first started doing deals with different companies, they were doing it so they would have a chance to make their business better. While they still do these things for the people who are in the prison and running the prison, they are also learning how to run companies that can be assets to the entire prison environment. All of this has allowed the prisoners the chance to try different things and has also given them a chance to make things better on their own. The prisons that use the Securus systems know they are getting the best deal possible and they don’t have to worry about the problems that can come from using other systems that are not integrated. It makes sense for Securus to continue offering positive opportunities for people who are in the prison industry and those who are looking to make the prisons they run better. Follow Rick at

One of the things Securus recently did was acquire JPay. The system was used to help inmates get money from their friends, family and other loved ones. Risk Smith Securus saw a lot of value in this because, until that point, there was no system they would be able to use that would give them a chance to integrate payment options into the things they had to offer. Doing this gave them a chance to make things easier on the people who were in the prison as well as the people who were close to those in the prison.


When people use the new JPay option, they can choose to use the kiosks that are simple to use and are in all Securus prisons. The kiosks are simple and secure for a reason. Family members and loved ones can feel confident their information will be protected if they put it into the kiosks. They can also be sure they are getting the best rates. Their loved ones who are in prison can benefit from the system because they are able to get the money they need easily and securely without worrying about how their family members are going to be protected from theft and other issues.

Recently, Securus talked about some of the other things they were doing. They have made comments about the emails that have gone through their systems and they are working to ensure everything is secure. They do screen emails as part of safety protocol and that has some effect on the things they are doing. It is what has allowed the company to continue helping prisoners and getting more from the prison experience. While there are different things people can benefit from with the system, the email has been one of the biggest positive factors of using Securus. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

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