Betsy DeVos supports educational reforms

The family of Dick and Betsy DeVos is a very popular family in the country. It is a family that has been involved in great work of philanthropy. Their contributions have mostly been in the line of educational reforms and conservatives political leanings. The family has been a leading financier of the Republican Party. Dick DeVos has particularly contested for the governorship seat in Michigan in 2006.Betsy and Dick DeVos as a family have made great contributions regarding initiatives that are aimed at helping the society. The educational reforms that are carried out are intended to help as many students as possible access quality education especially in Michigan. The family lives in Michigan. Betsy DeVos has recently been appointed the secretary of education in the Trumps administration. According to me, this is a step in recognizing the passion that she has in support of educational reforms in the country. She has for a long time been an advocate of quality education.



Dick and Betsy DeVos have a family foundation called Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This is the foundation that the group has been using to contribute millions of dollars to the initiatives that they support. The foundation is estimated to have contributed over $1.3 billion. This is a great achievement for this family. They have shown that the wealthy can use their wealth to support the community around them deal with issues that are causing problems in their areas. I think this is a good signal that this family has shown. They have proved to every single American that it is possible to make the country better committing time and money to initiatives that matter. The DeVos foundation is ranked as one of the top givers in the country. The family has also taken time to instill the philanthropic spirit into their two children who are also doing very well on matters of philanthropy. They are ready to continue from the point their parents will leave the mission.



Betsy DeVos has been a great contributor to educational reforms in Michigan. She has particularly been very supportive of two schools in the area. The two schools in have been receiving over $20000 in donations every year. This is money that has been going towards education support for students who come from low-income families. Betsy DeVos believes that every child in the United States is entitled to quality education. This is something that should not be compromised at all. She is, therefore, supporting students to get a quality education in the country. As the new secretary of education, I expect that she will bring numerous changes that will make access to quality education in the United States mandatory. I expect that the reforms she has been so passionate about will be implemented and the American children will have an equal playing field in terms of education.


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