Academy of Art University Showcases Students At New York Fashion Week

Getting students in the limelight at the New York Fashion Week is an incredible way to get exposure and opportunities for growth in the field of design. The Academy of Art University selects a handful of the most talented designers to showcase their latest fashion creations each year. Last year, students were able to promote emotional and traditionally inspired outfits. With visual inspiration based on culture as well as history, students were able to get exposure to some of their outfits on the runway.

Each outfit communicated an important message about the individual designer and cultivated a sense of purpose. Unique fabric selections, styles and messages were identified in each ensemble. By giving students the opportunity to showcase multiple creations, the New York Fashion Week experience provided significant exposure as well as education about current industry trends and perceptions.

Building on a strong foundation of design principles, one student, Hailun Zhao produced a creative ensemble based on a concept from their cultural background in China. Observations as well as cultural themes that came through in the conceptual stage led to one of the most creative presentations made by a student from the Academy. Another notable outfit involved PVC pipe and creative fabric choices. The urbanized nature of this outfit spoke to the paradox of fashion and controversial materials as well as environmental sustainability.

The Academy of Art University is well known for their commitment to excellence.Many students have gone on to make their fashion careers with notable accolades and prestigious awards. Engaging in individual coaching sessions in addition to workshops helped many students gain meaningful exposure and an understanding of how their individual style may fit into current marketplace themes.

Not only do graduates from the fashion program at this University succeed in understanding design principles, but also in variegated aspects of promotion. Understanding the context of fashion through community support and recognition is an important way that they are able to find their place in the world of design at large. The Academy of Art University promotes learning both in the classroom and outside of it when it comes to helping their students succeed.

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