Success Achieved By Vijay Eswaran Of QI Group

QI Group is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong, but it has offices in over 30 nations through a wide range of affiliates. The firm was co-founded by Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian born entrepreneur who earned his degree in socio-economics at the London School of economics.

He later earned the CIMA certification in the United Kingdom before moving to the U.S. for his MBA study at Southern Illinois University.

QI Group Establishment

After working for several companies serving in various high profile positions, Eswaran decided to venture into the business world. He teamed up with another entrepreneur Joseph Bismark, and they founded QI Group in 1998.

Although the two entrepreneurs had limited resources, in addition to economic crisis in Asia at that time, the company was able to survive. QI Group is a direct selling company that specializes in several areas like telecommunications, luxury, property development, education and training as well as leisure and lifestyle.

One decade after Vijay Eswaran co-founded QI Group, the company opened offices in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Additionally, the firm spread its operations to over 30 countries, and it was able to achieve annual revenues of about $750 million. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

As a result of the success he has achieved, Vijay decided to share his experience with others. He is highly respected inspirational speaker, and lectures on different areas such as business and spirituality. He has been invited to address various leadership forums and university around the world.

Vijay Eswaran charitable initiatives

The entrepreneur established RYTHM, a foundation focusing on corporate social responsibility section of QI Group. In 2006, Vijayaratnam Foundation (VF) was established to support various charitable initiatives by Vijay and his company. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

VF has partnered with civil societies, private and public sectors to ensure that charitable contributions have benefited the desired communities. The foundation aims at providing opportunities to individuals seeking to use education to improve the quality of their lives.

Furthermore, the foundation supported by Vijay has been supporting needy communities to access necessary resources to enable them achieve sustainable development. The entrepreneur has supported arts and culture programs among Malaysians from all backgrounds.

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