Talk Fusion Sets Sights as CEO Bob Reina Embraces the Industry

Talk Fusion has long been one of the best video marketing and communication solution companies on the internet. Talk Fusion was established by innovative CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. Reina decided to open the doors of Talk Fusion when he realized that the industry was moving towards video marketing and there were actually precious few companies looking to fill in the gaps that customers would soon need. Reina often sits down to talk about what makes him tick and a recent interview revealed plenty about the man and his work.


Talk Fusion is the brainchild of an idea that Bob Reina had while working as a police officer. Reina had been working an off-duty gig when he was introduced to someone who worked within the marketing industry. Reina’s gears started to tick after that meeting and soon he would begin pondering establishing his own business via the internet. Reina didn’t fully embrace Talk Fusion after failing to find an email client that would allow him to send a video email to friends and family throughout the country. The time for Talk Fusion was arriving.Learn more :


For Bob Reina the path to success was long and hard but Talk Fusion was like a light switch flicking on. Reina points to a time where he worked as a direct sales associate and his phone bill would be larger than his commission check. Working with Talk Fusion, however, has been a dream in comparison. Reina admits that Talk Fusion found success essentially right out of the gate. He cites this success as the result of having a good idea that hit at the right time with the right people working beside him. Talk Fusion’s growth has been exponential over the past decade and now the company is working inside of over 140 different countries.Learn more :


Finally, Bob Reina firmly believes in standing behind a product that you believe in. His insistent belief that Talk Fusion would be successful seemed to just manifest itself into the product that we see today. Reina cites his faith in ‘the product’ as the driving force behind his early success within the industry.Learn more :

Mike Heiligenstein’s solution for the Traffic Problem in Austin

Mike Heiligenstein is a reputable administrator who formerly served as the county commissioner of the Williamson County. He completed his first degree from the University of Texas and was also awarded a master’s in government. Heiligenstein has been the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority since 2003. CTRMA is a firm that was established by the government, and its primary mandate is to better the road networks and mobility in the Williamson and Travis counties.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein once made a contribution on the Statesman about the congestion of the roads in the Austin County and how it was being handled. The population of the country has been increasing over the years, and CTRMA has been to deal with congestion in the area. The organization strives to establish state-of-the-art road infrastructure, and it is highly innovative in all its civil engineering undertakings. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

CTRMA has significantly participated in the reduction of the traffic congestion in Travis and Williamson. It has established roads that are modern, and they have greatly bettered mobility in the area. The Mobility Authority developed the 183A toll road, which a highway that improved transport between Cedar Park and Leander.

The wideness of the road is sufficient to handle the rising population in the region. CTRMA has also enhanced the flow of traffic between Manor and Austin by tripling the holding capacity of U.S. 290 toll road.

Another significant move of the Mobility Authority to solve the congestion in the counties is the bettering of the MoPac Express Lanes. The organization has been highly creative in the development of the highway. It has established various automated features, which ensure that the motorist can easily use the road. One of the technologies that have been developed on the highway is fiber lines that can automatically detect vehicles on the wrong lane.

According to Mike, CTRMA has also been joining efforts with other firms in ensuring mobility on the highways. One of these bodies is the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, which has played a significant role in ensuring that the Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO), operates efficiently. HERO was formed to assists motorists who have minor breakdowns along the highways.

CTRMA has also encouraged the public to share their rides by using the Carma, which is a popular mobile phone app that facilitates carpooling. It has also worked with Metropolia in the development of an app that guides motorists on the best route that they can use. The software is linked with the area’s traffic control program.

Success Academy Celebrates All Aspects of Children

Success Academy is making it their mission to redefine what is possible in regards to public education. They are working to be able to build not only world-class, but also exceptional schools which will prove that children from any background has the ability to succeed not only in school and in college, but in life in general. Success Academy also makes it their mission to advocate all across the country to be able to change public policies that are currently preventing children from having better access to different opportunities.


Success Academy was founded back in 2006 and they currently are the largest as well as the highest-performing free, public charter school that is located in New York City. All children that reside in New York State are able to attend this charter school, including children who have special needs and those who are still currently learning English. Students are chosen for admission to Success Academy by a random lottery, which is held every April. Currently Success Academy is operating 41 different schools and serving 14,000 children.


Success Academy has scored as one of the highest-performing schools located in New York State for the eight consecutive year. They have scored in five of the top five schools in New York for math and also two of the top five for English. Students with different disabilities as well as those still learning English even surpassed their peers statewide as well as outperformed other students that don’t have disabilities as well as native English speakers.


In Math, Success Academy ranked in the top one percent. They also ranked in the top two percent in English and the top five percent in Science. Although Success Academy celebrates these achievements, they don’t consider scores from tests the only way to measure a student’s success and their education. Success Academy focuses on developing the whole child including making friends, chess, art, dance and even the look on a child’s face when they finally understand that math problem. Success Academy strives to continually make their schools a joyful and a happy place to learn for all students.


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Success Achieved By Vijay Eswaran Of QI Group

QI Group is a direct selling company based in Hong Kong, but it has offices in over 30 nations through a wide range of affiliates. The firm was co-founded by Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian born entrepreneur who earned his degree in socio-economics at the London School of economics.

He later earned the CIMA certification in the United Kingdom before moving to the U.S. for his MBA study at Southern Illinois University.

QI Group Establishment

After working for several companies serving in various high profile positions, Eswaran decided to venture into the business world. He teamed up with another entrepreneur Joseph Bismark, and they founded QI Group in 1998.

Although the two entrepreneurs had limited resources, in addition to economic crisis in Asia at that time, the company was able to survive. QI Group is a direct selling company that specializes in several areas like telecommunications, luxury, property development, education and training as well as leisure and lifestyle.

One decade after Vijay Eswaran co-founded QI Group, the company opened offices in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Additionally, the firm spread its operations to over 30 countries, and it was able to achieve annual revenues of about $750 million. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

As a result of the success he has achieved, Vijay decided to share his experience with others. He is highly respected inspirational speaker, and lectures on different areas such as business and spirituality. He has been invited to address various leadership forums and university around the world.

Vijay Eswaran charitable initiatives

The entrepreneur established RYTHM, a foundation focusing on corporate social responsibility section of QI Group. In 2006, Vijayaratnam Foundation (VF) was established to support various charitable initiatives by Vijay and his company. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

VF has partnered with civil societies, private and public sectors to ensure that charitable contributions have benefited the desired communities. The foundation aims at providing opportunities to individuals seeking to use education to improve the quality of their lives.

Furthermore, the foundation supported by Vijay has been supporting needy communities to access necessary resources to enable them achieve sustainable development. The entrepreneur has supported arts and culture programs among Malaysians from all backgrounds.

Julie Zuckerberg as a Recruiting Professional

There have been many times in Julie Zuckerberg’s professional life that she has been able to help others with the recruiting needs that she has created for the companies that she works with. She has come up with many different strategic visions that have showed others the right way to be able to hire people and to get the most out of the careers that they are going to have with the companies that they work for. It has given her the chance to do more with the options that she has and to be able to get the most out of the experiences that she has created for herself within her own domain. There have been many times in which Julie Zuckerberg has done what she can to help people get what they need out of different opportunities. It has also allowed her to be able to help more people and to get the options that she needs to ensure that things are going to work for her.


With that being said, there are many options that people have when they join a company. Julie Zuckerberg did exceptionally well with the joining of the Deutsche Bank. She worked hard to make sure that she was going to get the most out of the options and that gave her a chance to see that there was much more to offer. She also created more opportunities for people who wanted to join the bank.


She wanted to make sure that she was doing everything that she could to get what she needed out of the different situations. It allowed her the chance to try more and to be able to do more with the people who she worked with. It also gave her the chance to see that there was much more available to people who wanted to join companies.


The many opportunities that she has had have all come from different sources. These include the opportunities that she has had with the banks, like Deutsche Bank and Citi. Along with that, she has also worked with insurance companies. This has allowed her to show that she can do more with what she has and that she can create new chances for the people who she works with. Out of all of the areas that she has been able to show people her abilities, the bank is where she shines through the most.


Despite the fact that she is really good at what she does when it comes to recruiting and hiring people on at companies, she also has hobbies outside of her career.  She also enjoys exploring the city and finding things that she had yet to learn about New York. When she is not working, Julie Zuckerberg enjoys living her life and being able to spend her free time doing everything that she loves.