InnovaCare Inc. Adds Talented Executives To Its Top Ranks

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is a globally distinguished managed healthcare service provider. It has a network of associates, through which it provides services to clients. Boasting of over 7,000 employees as well as 200,000 customers, the syndicate is the most successful of its type in North America. The firm’s objective is to provide patients with cutting-edge, low-cost and steadfast treatment solutions. The enterprise’s head offices are based in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Throughout its existence, the firm has strived to modernize their infrastructure to bring their exemplary services up to speed with the current trends. Also, company staff is passed through rigorous training before they are allowed to serve clients. As a result of giving quality service at pocket-friendly costs, InnovaCare has witnessed a stable growth in the number of its customers. Learn more about Innovacare at Businesswire.

About Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the President of InnovaCare Inc. He has built his reputation in the healthcare industry for over twenty years. He has worked in different capacities at various outstanding institutions including Aveta Inc., NAMM California and MedPartners.

Rick received tertiary education at the University of California, Irvine, from where he attained an undergraduate BSc. Degree. He got his medical training at University of New York Stony Brook. Furthermore, he graduated with an MBA from the University of Redlands.

Three Additions to Leadership

InnovaCare Health declared that it was augmenting its executive board with three more individuals. CEO Rick Shinto indicated that each of the newbies possessed an exceptional ability that would prove useful InnovaCare. Moreover, he said that the managed health care sector was quickly changing, and InnovaCare was trying to hack it by adding top talent to its crew.

The three appointees were Jonathan Meyers, Mike Sortino, and Penelope Kokkinides.

Jonathan Meyers was chosen to be the Chief Actuary Officer. Having worked in the same post at his previous jobs, no person has suited the position better than Meyers. Before InnovaCare, Jonathan worked at Medicare, Heritage Medical Systems, and Medicaid Horizon BCBS just to name a few.

Mike Sortino was nominated to fill the vacancy at the Chief Accountant’s Office. In his illustrious career, Mike has accrued vast knowledge on finance matters, with a specialty in public accounts and insurance. Aside from InnovaCare, Mike was an employee at Houston Consultancy as well as Samsung.

Penelope Kokkinides was designated to be the Chief Administrative Officer. Due to her strong background in managed health care and a proven track record in developing clinical initiatives, Penelope was the prime candidate to fill the post. Her work portfolio includes esteemed institutions such as Touchstone Health and Americhoice. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

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